About Us

India is well known for its tradition and so is its tradition of cooking with earthenware. It’s an age-old concept that has deserted with time. This golden concept was then washed over by modernization as we moved to the stainless steel or bone china or melamine era.

One can get a rare antique of an earthen pot in few homes these days, the reason being its natural benefits. Earthenware has tremendous health benefits. Cooking food with it embarks nutritional value of the clay to the food. The porous material of clay helps water seep through it, letting you enjoy the mildly cool water. Not only this, but the mineral composition and porous nature of clay pots and other clay products also accentuate the flavour of the food we eat.

oursoil is all about re-growing these rich lost roots of Indian culture into the modern environment. Our Soil prides its initiative towards preserving our old culture. We produce clay products and clay pots that lead to a healthy, natural life and also revive our rich tradition.


Our aim for the best

At Oursoil our vision is to bring the best of clay in front of the entire world. We want to highlight all the amazing benefits of using clay products. Not only do you get much more tasty and nutritious food but clay also adds more health points to the cooked food.

We intend to be admired for our people, partners, and products globally. Oursoli targets to launch a customer friendly environment and symbolize our culture worldwide.

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We at Oursoil are dedicated, motivated and committed to

  • Being a customer friendly company with 100% customer satisfaction
  • To be the best eco-friendly company worldwide
  • Excel in our domain of eco-friendly earthenware
  • To embark creativity in our products
  • Encourage our customers to buy eco-friendly and organically certified products
  • Functioning with honesty, integrity and sincerity and follow business standards
  • Creating a work-friendly environment for our staff, suppliers, and customers thus promoting oneness and encouraging self-development.

Why Dealership with Oursoil?

True Partners
Quality Products
Growth Oriented
High Profits
Wide Network
Easy Support